Sludge Thickeners and Sludge Scrapers

Designed specifically as heavy duty rugged machines for use in various treatment plants. Efficiently removes sludge continuously as it is formed.

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Emergency Chlorine Gas Scrubber Systems

Versatile, reliable system that are specially designed for emergency chlorine gas neutralization. Customization to customer’s requirements is available upon request

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Powder Feeders

Available in a variety of configurations designed to suit each particular application. Heavy duty, low speed, specially designed for water treatment applications and demanding industrial applications.

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Shaftless Screw Conveyors

Designed for heavy duty applications for the transfer of bulk materials, dried sludge, grains and powder. Rotates and slides on a friction less, wear resistant line inside the conveyor housing.

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Designed for open channel installations in irrigation, drainage, waste treatment plants and water treatment plants.

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Rubber Dam & Crest Gates

Safe and reliable operation. Long service life, high overall efficiency. Crest gate offers flexibility in water level control.

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Roller Gate

Customization to customer’s demand. Easy installation at job site. Superior and reliable components used.

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Archimedean Screw Pump - Wasserskru

Possibility of use in contaminated waters that contains solids.

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Surface Aerators – WASSERATOR™

High zone of influence with very high oxygen transfer rate. Built to last and to serve the most demanding of applications. High efficiency and affordable. Lightweight and wear resistant FRP rotor.

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Flocculators & Mixers – MIX-RITE™

Efficient, reliable and robust. Economical, low speed mixer, with proven track records. Custom made mixer, carefully selected to suit application.

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Rotary Trash Screens - SCREEN-WELL™

Heavy duty, robust, reliable and durable. Removes trash, debris and rubbish from water courses. Protects downstream equipment.

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Chlorine Valve Shut-Off Systems - CLOSE-TITE™

Immediate closure of chlorine valves in event of high chlorine gas leakage. Eliminates severe danger posed from chlorine leakages. Operation is initiated automatically by a chlorine leak detector.

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